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Placeholder Image CA-286 Mic/Line Amplifier

The CA-286 is a two-stage amplifier based on circuits used by Langevin, Collins, Gates, and Telefunken during the 1950s and 60s. It utilizes a unique Negative Feedback/Tone shaping circuit that allows the amp to be voiced from smooth, dark, and distant to very bright and forward.

Placeholder Image CA-70  Mic/Line Amplifier

The CA-70 is based on a two stage circuit designed by Western Electric in 1913. Between the 1930s and 50s, RCA, Gates, Langevin, and Western Electric all utilized this elegant and simple single ended design.

Placeholder Image Chassis Options

All Amplifiers are available in two different chassis configurations.

PS6 versions are fully removable modules for use with our 6 channel PS6 Rack Tray and Power Supply.

PS2 versions come factory installed in our Stereo PS2 chassis combining the power supply and modules into a single 3U Rack.

Placeholder Image Transformers

After going through piles of vintage transformers, we set about finding the best winders in the country to deconstruct and faithfully recreate our favorite finds. All our designs are available enclosed in a modular/swappable octal enclosure, or raw with leads.

Placeholder Image CP-248 Two Channel Phantom Power Supply

Pure Phantom Power for your modern and vintage condenser microphones.